When we heard that a local youth football team, with great potential, needed assistance we jumped at the chance to help out. Larkhall Athletic Eagles FC are an under eight team playing in the Minor Football League and have struggled with financial difficulties in the past. Needless to say Newicon wanted to help these young sportsmen and the volunteers that put so much into the club. As an established and expanding Web and Software development company, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to help out and give something back to the local community.

Newicon were initially approached by a long standing client at Airbus, who asked if we could assist him, as he and his Son are both actively involved in the club. We were more than delighted to help out. In modern times the exchange between communities and companies raises in importance. This social responsibility is already perceived by a few progressive companies and Newicon wants to be part of that group.

Investing in the youth by donating to local sports teams is an important contribution, as it not only strengthens the team itself, but also sets an example and actuates other companies and private individuals to financially support local clubs and institutions.

As an aspiring team Larkhall Athletic Eagles FC had major success in the season of 2014/2015, where they played in the Mid Wilts Youth & Minor Football League. This season they seem to be struggling on the pitch a little more, but with their new football shirts and the Newicon logo on their chests they will surely gather new strength and have a great season.

In the future Newicon look forward to watching the boys play and will continue to support their development.

Good luck for the rest of the season boys!

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