We are all looking forward to the upcoming TEDx event in Bristol on Wednesday 11th November – the whole Newicon team will be attending.

It is a sell out event filling the Colston Hall. Not only is there a great speaker line up there are also great things to do between talks such as demos from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory who will be on hand with state-of-the-art robots – who doesn’t like getting the current low down on latest robot gadgetry? There will be a Mind, Body and Soul zone which will give you the chance to chill out between talks, with free sessions throughout the day. Plus of course you can come and talk to the friendly Newicon lot.

Why TEDx?

The TED mantra “Ideas worth sharing” is core to what we believe in and do at Newicon.  We constantly have to learn, educate and innovate.  If we did not share these ideas with the team, or collaborate as a cohesive whole we would not get as much done or be as effective in doing it.  Ideas are of critical importance to our business so, as a team, we continuously improve and innovate how we innovate and share ideas. Often a simple idea can transform the perspective of a problem or shed new light on a key detail, the results of which can be powerful and dramatic. So yes we appreciate the value in sharing ideas.

Blue Sky thinking And Great Expectations

We often conduct ‘blue sky’ architecture phases as part of our development process forgetting technology limitations, budget restrictions or any other limitation. We can creatively concentrate on what would make a product or application perfect.  This is extremely useful in the development process.  Limitations themselves can also be very useful development tools, helping to rein a project in and get it focused, but keeping the bigger dream in mind really helps in steering the ship long term.

Rather nicely this ties in with the Great Expectations topic that this TEDx event is all about.

Until Next Time

We have a German intern called Luc joining us tomorrow. He is very keen on improving his English and getting stuck into work and life within an English company. So it will be very interesting to hear his thoughts on the TEDx Bristol event. We will be sharing our thoughts and lessons learnt as well as any ideas and new expectations defined after this event.

So until next time…  Enjoy the event and do come and say hello.

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