Introducing Neon™. We have created a Web Application and Content Management Platform that is both simple and scalable. The platform contains four key products, of which the Content Management System (CMS) is already in use, powering websites and web-apps we have created for many organisations, both large and small.

Six months ago we started our journey to revolutionise how websites – and web-applications – are developed, customised and maintained. We identified a common frustration amongst a range of our customers, from marketing managers at large corporates, through to startups and local SMEs. Each had their own requirements, challenges and aspirations for their websites and applications. But the common frustration amongst all was lack of customisation, integration and also security concerns.

We built Neon from the ground up with a Dynamic Data Service at its core, meaning it can be utilised for simple blog and brochure websites, but is also easily extendable to manage complex business data and workflows and power an entire business operation.

Neon at a core level is 4 products in one:

  • Cobe – Content Management Builder
  • Daedalus – Dynamic Data Service
  • Firefly – Cloud File Management Solution
  • Phoebe – Customisable Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

In its current form our web platform already addresses common issues around security, customisation, and provides a common development standard for our internal team to follow. The platform now powers Waterfront Meeting Rooms, the new Bristol & Bath Science Park, and the recently launched TEDxBristol websites. All of which have advanced content management and custom functionality, providing early proof that our product matches the ambition we have for it.

However the team has said they are not finished yet! Neon and its platform of integrated Newicon tools aims to:

  • Remove the need for custom coding when building websites and web pages.
  • Allow internal teams to create systems to manage their data and processes quickly without custom coding.
  • Efficiently integrate back office data with front of house web pages.
  • Provide a better content generation and web creation experience.
  • Enable the platform to simplify the management of data and complex workflows.
  • Reduce the number of business channels by integrating information in one place.

It’s an exciting time ahead for our dynamic team, so if you would like to express an interest, and either request a demo, or join the mailing list to be notified when new features and the full subscription version of Neon is available, then click below…

In the meantime, if you have any questions, or would like a demo of the system, please contact Mark Probert, Digital Strategy and Business Development Director, on 0117 205 0425 or email [email protected]

If you’re interested in working with Newicon on your next digital project, get in touch now.