Innovation Toolkit

Every day at Newicon we have companies come to us looking to help them build new apps, websites and software. We’ve built everything from internal systems to exciting consumer-facing apps, IoT thermostat software and much more. But what unites all our clients, is that they’re looking to turn new creative ideas into a reality. 

What innovation actually means in business

The buzzword-bingo business world likes to call this innovation. This is a term that holds a lot of positive ideas but is also drowned in a sea of media publications and startup content that call anything and everything innovation. To keep it simple, by innovation we just mean: turning new ideas into a reality. 

As it turns out, Newicon has got pretty good at this in our 13 years of business. Our clients trust us to create new things for them every day and most of the time this means helping them form their ideas as well as build them. Not only have we learnt to build stable, scalable software —  we’ve also learnt to generate good ideas, develop products and business cases.

Simple question — complex answer

In 2018, we asked ourselves a simple question: how can we package up what we do and help other companies do the same things?

This seemed like a simple question but it started a year and a half of exploration and hard work that we didn’t expect. Here in 2020, we finally have a beta version of our Innovation Toolkit that aims to package up our digital innovation process and help companies, startups and individuals manage the confusing process of innovation in simple, easy to follow steps.

The system has been created, tested, scrapped, reworked, tested again and so much more. And we still feel like we’re just getting started. The possibilities are endless and therefore the real trick for us is trying to keep it simple. The kit is all about taking real-world solutions and techniques that we use every day to build new software, apps and websites and making them easy to use for everyone. 

A system built on tried and tested design and software principles 

At its core, we’re following what is known as the Design Thinking Process or the Innovation Process. We’re also bringing in ideas from Lean Process Management (also known as the Lean Startup Process) as well as the Agile Methodology. It’s a unique blend of techniques that we’ve tried and tested ourselves and turned into a practical real-world process. We’ve taken the most useful parts of each of these methodologies, that we use day-in-day-out, and boiled them down into a set of workshops, exercises, workbooks, prompt cards and worksheets to make the process digestible, easy to use and engaging. 

Ready to get started?

In the toolkit, we have intuitive how-to guides and workbooks that you can use yourself or we can come in and facilitate the workshop and get things running smoothly. We can train your staff in this process, so you can take the kit and run it internally, or even use it as part of existing training or courses that you might have. We can also customise the innovation toolkit and process for your business to meet your exact needs and requirements.

If you’d like to know more, call on 0117 205 0425 or send us an email at to discuss how we can help you get started with Newicon’s Innovation Toolkit.

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