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6 reasons why your business needs a responsive web design

28th May, 2019

If you don’t use responsive design yet, it’s time you catch up, or be left behind. Have you ever tried to view a website on your phone, and been faced with a super zoomed in and low quality page? With the rise in users browsing on their mobiles, it’s important now more than ever for site designers t...

Product Design vs UX Design: why you need to know the difference

28th January, 2019

What’s a UX Designer? And what’s a Product Designer? What’s the difference? And why should you care? I’m so glad you asked. If you’re looking to develop a product, build an app, become a designer or even develop a website — understanding the difference may be the most important thing to know. But tr...

The problem with target=”_blank”

14th December, 2018

A security flaw in new tabs I recently discovered that making a link open a new tab by adding a target="_blank" attribute actually creates the new tab in the same thread and browsing contexts as the previous tab. This creates a few issues. First of all, there’s a potential performance issue, thanks...

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11 rules to live by in the world of software engineering

25th October, 2018

    Software engineering as a subject is obviously incredibly complex and almost impossible to boil down into a set of rules. Not to be put off by a challenge, however, we decided to give it a go. So we asked our team of developers to offer up a few rules each — things they wish they’d bee...

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The most important part of any digital project

05th October, 2018

  Whether you’re redesigning your website, building a new mobile app or digitally transforming your entire business, there’s one part of the process that's fundamentally important to each and every project. In this blog post, we explain why. Laying the foundations In our experience, the one par...

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5 reasons why UX design is important for your business

01st August, 2018

  UX (user experience) design is a popular business buzzword right now — but what does it really mean? And how can your business benefit?   Defining UX Before we delve into why UX design is important for your business, let’s take a second to clarify what it actually is. Essentially, UX designers tak...

UX Design for software on whiteboard. Newicon team at work

Eight Ways To Align UX With Brand and Business Objectives

17th August, 2017

Designing your user experience (UX) to simultaneously cater for your customers and your business objectives can be a tough task. But with this advice you’ll find the process both easy and effective. Bringing business into a new age. Digital transformation is about adapting the way you do business to...

Introducing Neon: Our Custom Web Application and Content Management Platform

01st March, 2017

Introducing Neon™. We have created a Web Application and Content Management Platform that is both simple and scalable. The platform contains four key products, of which the Content Management System (CMS) is already in use, powering websites and web-apps we have created for many organisations...

CSS - Cascading style sheets

Internet styling; can we break free from css and stylesheets?

17th June, 2016

Whilst researching my previous post, and during day-to-day development with CSS, I’ve come to realise the true dependency that the web has on CSS. No website on the internet would be the same without it, and it’s a tool for creating everything from wonderfully creative sites to simple but necessary...

CSS - Cascading style sheets

Cascading Style Sheets: Exploring the Cascade

05th April, 2016

  Many of the technologies we all use in our day-to-day lives have some very humble beginnings, and web technologies are definitely no exception. They have evolved and transformed over time into the complex, yet powerful tools that we get to use on a daily basis. Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS,...

Cookies Policy – What You Need To Know

28th September, 2015

If you haven't already heard, the new european laws now require that digital publishers give their visitors information about the use of cookies when visiting their website or apps by the 30th September 2015. Google has recently started writing to customers of its AdSense, DoubleClick and Analytics...

Introducing Andalay.js to Easily Create Model Layers in Angular Javascript Apps.

07th June, 2015

Andalay.js is our latest open source library to aid with the creation of an easy to use model layer in client side Angular js applications. It essentially creates a similar interface to that defined by Backbone.js however it is optimised for use within Angular applications. Using Andalay vastly redu...

Hotspot app and apache cordova

5 quick steps to create an offline iOS/Android app prototype using Cordova and Hotspot

06th July, 2014

During the application development process there is usually a stage in the development where we need to show off how the application will look and feel, and how it will work, before we have written a line of code. This means people can start to understand what their software app will feel like to us...

Snap SVG animation

Adventures with SVG animation and Snap.svg

24th June, 2014

My mission should I choose to accept it: to revamp the Newicon website's front page graphic by adding some animation. The graphic as it stood was a static image of a fantastical device, in the vein of a Rube Goldberg machine or one of Wallace and Gromit's inventions, depicting our company's customer...

From LAMP stack to the MEAN stack

02nd March, 2014

So we have decided to embrace the MEAN stack as the official development stack for all Newicon projects going forward, and where possible update and upgrade projects to use these technologies where appropriate. what is MEAN? MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJs and Node.js. The most important...

Responsive Web Design

28th August, 2013

For those organisations that don't act now, they may find themselves behind the curve. Here's why: A million screens have hatched and we need to build for all of them. With literally thousands of devices all running different versions of mobile operating systems, this has become a major headache for...

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