We have a diverse and talented team at Newicon. We actively encourage everyone here to share their opinions and expertise with the online development community.

Meet Rich, our resident Jazz/rock Star.

24th December, 2018

It’s time to meet another member of the team. Up next, a sit-down with Rich — resident music and marketing guru… Everyone at Newicon’s talented at what they do, that’s a given. But they’re also a pretty smart bunch outside the office, too. In our new blog series, we’re going to be interviewing the t...

The problem with target=”_blank”

14th December, 2018

A security flaw in new tabs I recently discovered that making a link open a new tab by adding a target="_blank" attribute actually creates the new tab in the same thread and browsing contexts as the previous tab. This creates a few issues. First of all, there’s a potential performance issue, thanks...

Lightbulb in thought bubble

11 (more) rules to live by in the world of software engineering

30th November, 2018

In the previous blog in this series, we asked our software engineers to offer up a few rules that they wished they’d known when they started out in the industry. They delivered 11 fantastic examples. Some were controversial, but all were written to be genuinely helpful. In fact, the team had so much...

An open book

Team talk: What storytelling, brand, and your next software project have in common

03rd October, 2018

  Here at Newicon, we’ve built a team with the skillset to help businesses at every level of a digital project — from marketing and UX design through to web, software and app development. ‘Team talk’ is a series of blog articles where we delve into the expertise of our team, and explore what in...

Meet Ross, designer for Newicon and hockey enthusiast.

17th September, 2018

At work, Ross is a designer extraordinaire. But what does he get up to outside of the office? We sat down with him, to find out. What’s your working background, and how did you come to work for Newicon? I did my degree at Weston College, in partnership with Bath Spa University (the fantastic Foundat...

Snap SVG animation

Delving into the life of a developer—Jonathon Herbert

28th March, 2018

This time in the interviewee’s chair, it’s developer Jonathon Herbert’s turn to get a grilling. Let’s see what we can get out of him. Our developers come from a variety of backgrounds, and none make a better example of this than Jonathon. As well as being a keen programmer, he also has an MA in Hist...

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