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a lady testing out the user experience of a website on you ipad

User testing — a vital ingredient in your next digital project

14th February, 2019

User testing is a critical element of any digital project. Rich, one of our web and UX experts, explains why.  Building a digital presence More than ever, companies are turning to beautiful designs, interesting interfaces and well-crafted marketing strategies to promote their products and servi...

Product Design vs UX Design: why you need to know the difference

28th January, 2019

What’s a UX Designer? And what’s a Product Designer? What’s the difference? And why should you care? I’m so glad you asked. If you’re looking to develop a product, build an app, become a designer or even develop a website — understanding the difference may be the most important thing to know. But tr...

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Inyoni Bay CIC — getting animated about digital marketing

09th November, 2018

Digital marketing has always been an important part of our software and web development services. And as we’ve grown as a business, so has our digital marketing offering. Now our digital marketing offering is set to grow again, and it’s something we’re extremely excited to be involved with — animate...

UX Design for software on whiteboard. Newicon team at work

The most important part of any digital project

05th October, 2018

  Whether you’re redesigning your website, building a new mobile app or digitally transforming your entire business, there’s one part of the process that's fundamentally important to each and every project. In this blog post, we explain why. Laying the foundations In our experience, the one par...

An open book

Team talk: What storytelling, brand, and your next software project have in common

03rd October, 2018

  Here at Newicon, we’ve built a team with the skillset to help businesses at every level of a digital project — from marketing and UX design through to web, software and app development. ‘Team talk’ is a series of blog articles where we delve into the expertise of our team, and explore what in...

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8 reasons for your business to take local SEO seriously

17th August, 2018

In my last blog, I talked generally about local SEO: what it is, how it works, and why it’s so important for businesses to use. Now it’s time to get into the specifics. A quick recap If you read my previous blog on why local SEO is important to business, you’ll have learned how local SEO can drive t...

wireframing services

5 reasons why UX design is important for your business

01st August, 2018

  UX (user experience) design is a popular business buzzword right now — but what does it really mean? And how can your business benefit?   Defining UX Before we delve into why UX design is important for your business, let’s take a second to clarify what it actually is. Essentially, UX des...

digital transformation

Digital transformation is just one question away

03rd July, 2018

When you arrive at work in the morning, ask yourself: what would make your product, service or process better? For us, that’s an integral part of any digital transformation. Not because of the potential answer (although that’s important too, as we’ll explain below), but because you’re asking the que...

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Why local SEO is important for your business: part one

18th April, 2018

  If you’re new to local search or are wondering where to start with your online marketing efforts, then don’t panic — here’s a guide. Increasing competition in the digital world means it’s important to try and stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to promoting your business online. Whether you...

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