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Client: Waterfront Meeting Rooms


The Waterfront offers quirky and vibrant meeting rooms, right in the middle of Bristol’s bustling city centre. Its 17 spacious rooms are all named after typical Bristol slang — Gert Lush, for example — and can accommodate 4-70 people. When wanting to launch this new business we were delighted to be approached to make this happen.

Waterfront Meeting Rooms digital marketing case study

Our Solution

To achieve these goals, we set about creating a digital marketing strategy and an SEO/conversion optimised website.

Our digital marketing strategy revolved around carefully crafted pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, Bing and LinkedIn.

We researched vital search terms that potential customers would use, and wrote adverts that would attract as many conversions as possible within Waterfront’s budget. An important part of this was ensuring that we had a watertight list of negative keywords, cutting out those clicks we knew wouldn’t convert to bookings.

However, no matter how good your ads are, if you don’t have
equally excellent landing pages, you won’t get conversions. And that’s why we also created a website with landing pages that were optimised to convert.

We drew on our experience in conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to design pages that led customers carefully to the actions we wanted (booking a room), and we used the appropriate meta descriptions and keywords to ensure that the site performed well in organic search results, too.

Key Features

• Multi-channel digital strategy including SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing.
• Responsive website optimised for desktop,
tablet and mobile
• Customer persona mapping and brand positioning
• Advanced analytics to track user behaviour, acquisition channels and conversion metrics
• PPC campaign strategy, build and ongoing optimisation
• Targeted landing page development
• Custom built online booking engine built with our very own application builder and CMS (Neon)


The Results


Since we started work, demand for The Waterfront Meeting Rooms has rapidly grown, establishing The Waterfront Meeting Rooms as a leading provider of quirky and inspiring meetings and conference spaces in the Bristol area.

On Google searches, Waterfront Meeting Rooms now regularly appears either above or among its competitors. And in an environment where the keywords we’re bidding on are very competitive and expensive, through constant optimisation we’ve managed to reduce the cost per conversion to half of what it was when when we started—which is great for The Waterfront’s ROI.

On top of that, in just over a year almost four million people have seen Waterfront Meeting Rooms’ Google ads, which is exactly the kind of brand awareness we were hoping to generate.

• 162,000+ search impressions in a year through Google PPC.
• 2,340% increase in web traffic YoY from 2017 - 2018.
• Top 5 Google rankings for core business keywords
• 583% increase in Google PPC Goal conversions YoY from 2017 -2018
• Over 50% returning customer bookings


The work we’ve done together with Newicon enabled us to launch a brand new business concept and get it up and running in an unbelievably short amount time. The website they built for us completely meets our, and our clients’, needs, and they continue to drive new customers to us through successful PPC campaigns. Most importantly, the team at Newicon are a real pleasure to work with!

Cristy Cunnick
Founder, Waterfront Meeting Rooms

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