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Client: Thales


Thales were relocating their UK workforce to one central location at Green Park, Reading. Over 1000 people would need to commute to their new base from all over the country. So they approached Newicon to explore the creation of a mobile app to help both commuters and customers with travel arrangements during transit and at the site.


▪ The office relocation was causing unrest within the workforce

▪ 1000 staff and only 450 parking spaces

▪ Situated in a busy inner city area

▪ Many staff and visitors had no knowledge of the area

Thales Travel App Prototype

Our Solution

We prototyped a mobile app which used AI to predict how many parking spaces would be available on site on specific days and times. If no parking was predicted to be available, then our solution would provide information on local public transport.

The app also allowed travellers to the site to book meetings online and gave VIP guests the ability to reserve on-site parking.

Key Features

▪ App accessible to staff and customers (with admin user management)
▪ AI prediction engine for car park usage and travel times
▪ Alternative travel options; map, park & ride schedule and local information



The finished prototype delivered an AI-driven app that helps people find parking.

Using information from the car park barrier — which utilises Number Plate Recognition (NPR) technology — our solution could learn from historical data, seasonal information and other factors to provide accurate predictions to commuter and customers, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding their travel.


What drew us to working with Newicon was their enthusiasm for our project and can do attitude. As a large corporate we often find that projects like these take a long to time push through. By working with Newicon we experienced a fast, collaborative and agile approach. This resulted in the UX and prototype being produced far quicker than we could have imagined. Newicon interpreted our requirements and came up with ideas of their own, then brought the vision to life through wireframes and high fidelity designs. They then created a clickable mobile prototype, and a screen presentation, which we presented to senior management. We highly recommend Newicon to anyone looking to rapidly develop new digital products or services.

Matthew Mullan
Head of Design & Innovation

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