Landing Gear Assembly Management Application

Client: Airbus


Airbus is a world leading aircraft manufacturer. With this scale of engineering one of the biggest challenges is how to effectively manage and distribute the huge amounts of data generated by their design and test engineers across multiple teams and transnational departments with complete visibility and accountability.


Our Solution

The Landing Gear test team generates huge amounts of test and configuration data which is essential for certification of the aircraft and records must be accessible for 30 years. Departments transnationally rely on various forms of this data to aid service and design decisions. Distributing and managing the data was a wasteful, but essential, aspect of the team’s role and was consuming large resources.

Working with Airbus we conducted interviews with all key users of the system in order to understand the current business processes and identify opportunities for improvement. Starting with wireframes and moving onto designed visuals we created a rapid prototype of the solution that enabled the gathering and incorporation of user feedback before we started implementation. This allowed us to reach a consensus with the team on the functionality and technology proposed. We then segregated the project into six monthly deliverables with beta testing phases to gain structured user feedback on completed work.

The new system liberated entire teams of engineers from data collation and distribution freeing them up to work on other tasks. Complete project visibility was now available transnationally allowing teams from all over the world to instantly access data relevant to their work. Historical reports could be automatically generated for certification without incurring engineer time. Additionally our solution gave an instant visualisation of the project progress through a quick glance dashboard of work status and engineer tasks.

We have had the pleasure of working with the Landing Gear test team at Airbus since 2009 developing a comprehensive management tool and adding additional modules and features as required. The overall system is both intuitive and robust and has had a significant impact on the department’s operations.

Key Features

• Transnational access to project information
• Visual management provided by a clear and intuitive interface
• Historic certification reporting and archiving
• Huge time savings across engineering teams

Workflow and project planning module


We have more recently added a new module to the core system, creating a visual management workflow, to further aid engineers and project managers by enabling complete visibility, accountability and reporting of every test phase. For a more comprehensive demo of our work, please get in-touch.


When we commenced the project, we didn’t know if it was technically feasible. I’m pleased to say that Newicon made it a reality and brought a level of technical expertise that made the app a great success.

Terence Frost
Design Analysis Group Leader, Airbus®

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