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Equicenta is a quick and easy way to find equestrian events and services. We helped this entrepreneur take a concept and develop an outstanding subscription based product, which can evolve.


Our Solution

This was an exciting project for Newicon! We worked closely with our client right from the start, from initial architecture workshops through to user experience design and then the graphical user interface (GUI) creation. From the outset we all shared the same vision for the product – to create an intuitive search engine application for equine events and related services, accessible from any device. With it’s clean design and intuitive user interface, along with geo-location technology to present relevant events and services to users automatically, the application provides a fantastic user experience. Like all great products, this was a simple idea, well executed.

We have now launched phase 2; MyEquicenta, and the application has so much more to offer. For event organisers the site provides another avenue to promote events and now allows them to manage enrolment and payments online. Whilst the application may look simple on the surface, this app has plenty of advanced technology and integration going on under the hood. There’s still plenty of hard work to be done to grow the user base and improve the application, but we feel our client has a solid foundation for a successful product. Watch this space!

Key Features

• High-end responsive SAAS Product
• Intuitive search functionality
• Automatic geo-location event finder

• Go-Cardless API integration for subscriptions
• Event management area for organisers
• Management area for service providers
• Video overview, blog and promotional slideshow
• Expansion plans for MyEquicenta (coming soon!)


Newicon are a Digital Agency and Software House hybrid. They have a unique combination of skills in creative design and technical development, which enables them to provide true end-to-end service and solutions for web applications.

When working with Newicon I have had great experience of the end product and the journey. They have an excellent combination of ‘small team’ flexibility and innovation with ‘big company’ robust technical solutions.

Nick Waugh
Owner NW Projects & Senior Financial Services IT Consultant

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