Fundraising Call Management System

Client: Ethicall


Ethicall are raising the game in charitable fundraising. As a specialist in ethical telephone fundraising for charities, the company needed a replacement call management system that would help improve the quality and efficiency of their service.

Call Management System

Our Solution

Our team worked closely with Ethicall’s Senior Management and in-house IT team to support the development of a call management system. Ethicall’s forward thinking team decided to adopt modern web technology and open source hardware, introducing a Raspberry Pi based architecture to greatly reduce hardware cost per head.

As part of our role, we assisted with the development of a front-end user interface which improved the efficiency of data insertion and validation. Whilst we also helped with the integration of the call management system with the existing phone system, rigorously user testing and stress testing the system before it went into service.

Key Features

• User Interface and GUI Design
• Front-end Interface Development
• Phone System Integration
• Utilisation of Open Source Hardware (Raspberry Pi)
• User testing and system stress testing

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