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Client: Airbus®


Airbus were looking to utilise the iPhone in their customer aircraft maintenance procedures. Working with Airbus’s R&D team, we helped develop their concept, creating a bespoke app that could improve both speed and accuracy of ground checks on the undercarriage.


Our Solution

In order to make this iPhone app prototype a reality, we produced complex image recognition algorithms to ascertain the precise dimensions and tolerances of the OLEO (the aircraft shock absorber).

The app utilises a pre-configured database containing specifications for each aircraft model, which can be selected via the control panel or by scanning a QR code during maintenance checks.

When the iPhone camera detects the OLEO it quickly displays data to the operator (pass or fail), along with accurate reporting for each check.

Following the successful creation of the iPhone app, Newicon have since produced updated iOS iterations, along with an innovative iPad app prototype, which includes additional maintenance procedure check-lists and VR capabilities.

The future for these applications will hopefully see them utilised by airlines across the world to enhance the speed, accuracy and safety of ground checks.

Key Features

  • Utilisation of the iPhone camera as a technical measuring application
  • Complex image recognition algorithms to identify the OLOE¬†(the undercarriage shock absorber)
  • QR code scanning to select aircraft model, serial number and specifications
  • Quick pass or fail reporting regarding degradation of the OLEO
  • Full test data history with clear and concise reporting

When we commenced the project, we didn’t know if it was technically feasible. I’m pleased to say that Newicon made it a reality and brought a level of technical expertise that made the app a great success.

Terence Frost
Design Analysis Group Leader, Airbus®

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