Case Studies

We've produced enterprise software solutions for blue-chip corporations, through to websites for local businesses. No matter who we work with, it's about achieving great results, that's what matters.

How information management can save forests

Tropical forests around the world are under pressure from growing populations and their increasing demand for food and land. As a result, deforestation is rife and land degradation causes issues on a global scale.

Partnerships for Forests (P4F) is a programme that’s dedicated to solving this challenge.

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Renewable Energy PPA Platform

Renewable Exchange is the PPA marketplace for renewable energy assets. We helped design and develop this innovative market first platform.

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Building a mobile app for genuine impact
Innovative FinTech Mobile App

Genuine Impact is an innovative fintech startup. Created by two previous BlackRock employees and a developer with extensive investment experience, Genuine Impact discovered a niche in the investment market, and decided to do something about it.

They knew that with their knowledge of the industry they could build a platform that would empower individuals to make better investments, based on genuine, unbiased insights. What they needed was a company to help them develop it — both in terms of evolving the idea and building the software.

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Airline Maintenance App

Airbus were looking to utilise the iPhone in their customer aircraft maintenance procedures. Working with Airbus’s R&D team, we helped develop their concept, creating a bespoke app that could improve both speed and accuracy of ground checks on the undercarriage.

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Airline Web Application

We positioned this fast-growing aircraft management and charter airline for success with a distinctive new brand, website and innovative web application.

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Landing Gear Assembly Application

Airbus is a world leading aircraft manufacturer. With this scale of engineering one of the biggest challenges is how to effectively manage and distribute the huge amounts of data generated by their design and test engineers across multiple teams and transnational departments with complete visibility and accountability.

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Call Management System
Fundraising Call Management System

Ethicall are raising the game in charitable fundraising. As a specialist in ethical telephone fundraising for charities, the company needed a replacement call management system that would help improve the quality and efficiency of their service.

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Educational Survey System

This online survey and reporting application was developed to assist educational establishments. The interactive surveys provide valuable insight into how the organisation is performing, then allows them to create strategic plans to improve their performance.

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  • When we commenced the project, we didn’t know if it was technically feasible. I’m pleased to say that Newicon made it a reality and brought a level of technical expertise that made the app a great success.

    Terence Frost
    Design Analysis Group Leader, Airbus®