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Meet Mark, our Digital Strategy Director

21st February, 2019

From meeting the Queen, to paddling down the Salcombe estuary, to revolutionising UX — explore the life of a Digital Strategy Director. Mark Probert is one of our Directors — the people behind the wheel, driving Newicon from strength to strength. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s also a d...

Modifing your hosts file

26th June, 2017

Modifying your hosts file allows you to override DNS settings on your local machine.  This is very useful if you are trying to test a site before switching over the global DNS you can do a dry run with just your machine. Essentially by modifying your hosts file we get your machine to resolve th...

Newicon are proud to be sponsoring TEDx Bristol

09th November, 2015

We are all looking forward to the upcoming TEDx event in Bristol on Wednesday 11th November - the whole Newicon team will be attending. It is a sell out event filling the Colston Hall. Not only is there a great speaker line up there are also great things to do between talks such as demos from the...

Introducing Andalay.js to Easily Create Model Layers in Angular Javascript Apps.

07th June, 2015

Andalay.js is our latest open source library to aid with the creation of an easy to use model layer in client side Angular js applications. It essentially creates a similar interface to that defined by Backbone.js however it is optimised for use within Angular applications. Using Andalay vastly redu...

Hotspot app and apache cordova

5 quick steps to create an offline iOS/Android app prototype using Cordova and Hotspot

06th July, 2014

During the application development process there is usually a stage in the development where we need to show off how the application will look and feel, and how it will work, before we have written a line of code. This means people can start to understand what their software app will feel like to us...

Our hand coded phone system went live today

02nd March, 2014

  After much anticipation we bit the proverbial bullet and transferred our main phone number to our hand-built, home-grown phone system. Why? Well, mainly because we wanted control. Too many middle men mean things become slow.  If we all decide to have a mind mapping session around a white...

From LAMP stack to the MEAN stack

02nd March, 2014

So we have decided to embrace the MEAN stack as the official development stack for all Newicon projects going forward, and where possible update and upgrade projects to use these technologies where appropriate. what is MEAN? MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJs and Node.js. The most important...

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