The internet of things (IoT) is the idea, that every information from the real physical world will be collected, analysed and reacted upon by devices (automatically) controlled through the internet.

How new is the concept of IoT?
The concept of IoT has its name since 1999 and found its first application in 1980, when programmers at Carnegie Melon University were checking the status of a CocaCola machine through the internet and whether it would provide a cool drink or not.

Therefore the concept is not that new and fact is, we already are surrounded IoT and almost take it for granted. The easy to understand “Track and Trace”-system used by delivery and courier service providers is a good example. Via barcodes the courier brings the data of the parcel’s whereabouts into the internet, easily accessible for the recipient.

What influence does IoT has in everyones life?
Understanding that small IoT devices are already in daily use is key to understanding increasing growth rates of the IoT market and it explains bigger future projects. Like the smart-city “Songdo” located in South-Korea, which is designed and built around the idea of IoT.

Yes, that is right. There is an entire city based on the concept of IoT, which was developed, planned out and already built. To be fair it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the sudden changes and  advancements in technology all over the globe, given how fast yesterday’s state of the art is outdated again. But in a faster moving world missing out on technical advancement and new evolved trends can be a costly mistake.

Luckily there are service providers like Newicon constantly inventing groundbreaking tools to fix these occurring or long existing problems. As software development entrepreneurs the team at Newicon contributes to the development of IoT applicable software, which help companies to improve the precision and fulfilment of quantity of tasks each individual branch offers.

There is lots of proof, that they understand the importance of IoT and thus the ever increasing demand of it, but to pick one example: Their iPhone Maintenance App for Airbus

In the future it is almost certain that IoT will assume an even bigger role in the (business) world and responsibility lies within companies themselves to integrate IoT in their work environment, if they want to keep up with their competitors. Forward-thinking companies like Newicon gladly provide help by identifying the customer needs and adapting their IoT problem, until the needed solution is found.

This article written by me as an intern from Germany is meant to be an introduction to start of a series of articles about the Internet of Things composed by the team at Newicon.

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