Transforming your digital world

We help ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs to develop innovative online products and services. We're problem solvers, we strive to create best in class online solutions to improve both marketing effort and operational efficiency.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Our approach to digital transformation begins with your customers. We apply user-centric thinking to help you define every touch-point – from customer facing experiences such as mobile apps and web portals – through to the back-office systems that make it happen, all whilst helping you to collate the data you need to measure and plan ahead.

We are experienced not only with design and technology, but like you we possess inquisitive and entrepreneurial minds. Whether your business transformation challenge is marketing led, about operational efficiency, or you want to disrupt a market with an innovative digital product, we can help you define your goals, processes and markets, to establish the most appropriate technical approach.

If you need help developing a digital product business plan, or advice on connecting hardware to the web (IoT), or have a business intelligence (big data) or integration challenge, we can help guide you. As an independent digital technology company we are not tied to any product or solution.

Our neutral and technology agnostic view of the landscape provides a truly unbiased and informed opinion that can help you develop the best solution. Whether you are a .com startup or an established and ambitious business who wish to disrupt markets or develop better online products, then we’d love to speak to you.

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Newicon Architecture

Architecture & Rapid Prototyping

Our architecture phase starts with requirements capture and quickly moves into fast paced workshops and rapid prototyping, allowing everyone to get involved in the process. The  architecture phase captures requirements, explores commercial and technological possibilities and allows us to create the appropriate solution. Our process is fast, agile and gets all stakeholders excited about the possibilities.

Following initial workshops we quickly begin to create interactive prototypes for websites, mobile apps, ecommerce, IoT and web applications, allowing customers to realise their visions very quickly. Our collaborative workshops get customers excited about the possibilities, whilst our HotSpot prototypes rapidly visualise what your application will look like. This approach allows customers to engage with investors or the senior team with a tangible asset before a line of code is written. Following this phase we break the modules down into feature sets so we can provide accurate costs and outline the technical infrastructure.

Our process is the perfect balance between traditional waterfall and modern agile methodology. Clients love our approach as it keeps deliverables, costs and quality in check and stakeholders in control. If you’d like more information on our process please get in-touch.

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Creative & Functional Design

We engineer creative and intelligent designs that focus on usability, functionality and accessibility, as well as being visually striking. It may seem obvious, but the easier and more useful your site or app is, the more likely it will be a success. Aspiring to beauty in design is admirable, but it doesn’t guarantee usability, nor is it a product or marketing strategy.

As a digital agency and software house hybrid our team have the expertise needed to create intuitive user experiences (and beautiful graphical user interfaces) that sell products and streamline applications. Our design team possess skills in brand development and UX, having all worked at a high level throughout their careers in both traditional agency roles and into digital user experience. So if you need help developing a new brand, or translating an existing brand into a digital environment, we can help make sure it’s not only on brand, but on point for your customers.

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Software & App Development

We develop web-applications for desktop, tablet and mobile that automate sales and marketing efforts and streamline business operations. Whether you want to develop a new product or enhance your internal software, we provide solutions that make a big difference to your business and help you stay ahead of the competition through the use of modern web based technologies.

Example projects:

• SAAS Web Applications
• Mobile and Tablet Apps
• ERP Systems (Project, Logistics, Scheduling, Stock Management)
• CRM Systems (Customer segmentation and marketing automation)
• System Integrations (ERP, EPOS, CRM, Accounting)
• Intranets and Communication Tools
• Digital Signage (Kiosks, Point-of-Sale, Digital Advertising, Assistive Selling Tools)
• IOT: Internet of Things (Firmware integrations with cloud web applications)
• Big Data, Data Management, Data Predictions
• Data Dashboards and Reporting
• Rocket Ships (not really, but there’s nothing we can’t build with code!)

Who we work with:

• Start-ups, entrepreneurs and organisations with innovative and technically challenging ideas for desktop, tablet or mobile apps.

• Blue-chip organisations with R&D budgets in aerospace, automotive, robotics, IoT and renewable energy.

• Corporations looking to streamline administrative and logistical operations (back office systems), or enhance the sales process using a lean philosophy implemented through technology.

• Creative and marketing agencies looking to partner on large digital projects; where user experience, interface design, coupled with a sound technical architecture is paramount. Additionally, we can assist with advanced analytics, marketing automation, persona segmentation and social media intelligence.

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Newicon E-commerce solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

Our solutions are helping start-ups and established online businesses to increase revenue and reduce administration. We provide high-end responsive design and development solutions for e-commerce using the industry leading open source platform, Magento.

We help businesses configure new product catalogues or manage large data-migration, seamlessly. Additionally we can assist with complex EPOS, stock management, accounting and merchant service integrations.

Our approach to bespoke software enables our team to develop bespoke modules to extend this already powerful platform to heights that many high street retailers would envy. In addition, we realise that design and technology isn’t enough – we manage SEO, CRO, Email Marketing, coupled with advanced analytics and a strategic understanding of user personas – meaning we provide unique custom experiences across the store and your online touch points, to help your business succeed in a competitive market.

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Newicon Responsive Web Development service

Responsive Website Development

Your website is your voice to the world, so wouldn’t it be great if it gave your customers a true feel for what you do, stood you apart and made best use of web technology? We design and develop websites using modern day responsive techniques to optimise sites for desktop, tablet and mobile like this all day, everyday and sometimes even in our sleep.

Our knowledge of Open Source platforms such as WordPress is second to none. We can extend this powerful platform to levels your business can only imagine and other providers can not match.

In addition, our consultancy service and architecture phase can help your business decide if alternative custom solutions or integrations are a better fit. WordPress has it’s place and suits many situations, but we will work with you to decide which platform is the right solution, now and for the future.

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Web Optimisation

We help businesses increase their online presence, track users and make sense of monthly reporting, putting you in control of running your business and keeping you ahead of the competition. Put simply, we look to bring you valuable and relevant traffic, then optimise your site to convert. Our services include: Site analysis, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – including email marketing and re-marketing automation. All these services are provided on a retained monthly basis with comprehensive reporting and recommendations from our optimisation experts.

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Hosting and support

Hosting and Support

The websites and systems we build quickly become one of your businesses most valuable assets, so it makes sense to protect and maintain it. We offer fully managed hosting (Virtual and dedicated servers) with pro-active maintenance updates for WordPress, Magento and our bespoke applications.

In addition, our home grown ‘NIBU’ Amazon S3 backup solution ensures your data is secure, no matter what the internet throws at us. What’s more, our server monitoring solution provides a proactive layer of intelligence, so we can advise you when your server needs maintenance or specification upgrades due to greater demand.

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